Potter's Charter Fishing

Capt. Eddie Potter was born in Key West.  He spent most of his young life on his Dad’s shrimp boat from the Keys to Texas.  Being a fifth generation commercial fishermen, it was an easy transition to guide fishing.  He started his guide service in 1997 in Boca Grande.  He works now out of Gasparilla Marina, which is two minutes from Boca Grande.

Eddie uses two boats now to work the areas of Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.  His 22′ Pathfinder has proven itself over the last ten seasons.  It still works the shallows well and cuts through  choppy open waters nicely.  It is the primary boat for late spring and summer tarpon, shark, trout, mackerel, and all the other species of fish that frequent the deeper waters.  The boats short tower works well for spotting fish from distance in open water as well around deeper mangove islands in the backcountry.  The Pathfinder has served Eddie well and will be around for a while.    

Eddie’s 2007 Shallow sport is used from the fall until early spring.  It is a stable and dry boat that can accommodate most families easily.  It moves through the islands effortlessly on any tide.  We can travel south on nice days to fish Pine Island sound in comfort. 

Eddie can cater a trip to whatever needs you require.  From families with young kids to the most experienced fly fishermen, Capt. Eddie will work hard to make your trip enjoyable and productive.