McHugh-Porter Builders, Inc.

370 E Railroad Ave, Boca Grande, FL 33921

The mission of McHugh-Porter Builders Inc., is to "Create excellence in Gulf Coast living."  In accordance with our mission, we must provide our clients the highest quality construction services available.  Our dedication to quality starts with a leadership belief aimed toward building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

 To achieve our mission, leadership must build project teams who create exceptional outcomes. We start by employing qualified individuals and providing them a work environment conducive to communication, learning, and the expansion of innovation.  Our employees partnered with a  group of highly qualified subcontractors and suppliers have time and again produced the finest living spaces available on the Gulf Coast.         

Custom Home Building 

McHugh-Porter Builders Inc., has been building custom luxury homes for over two decades.  During this time we have been persistent in producing the highest quality homes available.  A home built by McHugh-Porter Builders, is the embodiment of "Excellence in Gulf Coast Living."      

A home is a space of comfort, pride, and security.  No two homes are exactly alike; and the same holds true for home builders.  Please, contact us if you are ready to experience how we can "Create Excellence in your Gulf Coast Living Experience."     

Home Renovations and Additions

Owning a home on the Gulf Coast is a very serine and satisfying experience; but, time and circumstance bring forth a need for change .   So, whether you are a new homeowner seeking to turn an existing house into your dream home, are looking to update a living space, or wish to create additional space.  We can help you achieve your goals.  No matter the scope of your project, we do not waive our dedications to quality and attention to detail.    

Maintenance/ Painting 

The Gulf Coast of Florida is a beautiful place to live and offers a wide array of recreational activities.  Spending time here creates amazing experiences for guests and its residences are exposed to a very satisfying lifestyle.  The sunshine, salty sandy beaches, and tropical weather make the Gulf Coast an exceptional place to reside.

Although, the elements of Gulf create splendor and beauty, they are detrimental to many building products.  However, we are accustom to the affects of sun, salt, wind, and water on structures.  We know exactly how to address maintenance issues caused by the Gulf environment.  We provide our customers maintenance services that will resolve lingering issues in a manner that provides greater longevity and cost saving over time.  We achieve this by using the proper products and being meticulous to insure correct processes and installations.    

Here is a list of some of our maintenance and painting services:

  • Exterior pressure washing and painting
  • Deck replacement
  • Repair of damaged or rotted exterior finishes 
  • Hurricane shutter installation/removal 
  • Storm protection of exterior items (patio furniture, potted plants, etc.)
  • Interior painting 
  • Anything that will help our customers maintain the beauty of their homes